A safer approach to
work, life and sport


A safer approach to work, life and sport


Welcome to the Advocates for Safety

Amanda Muscatell 24 June 2016 Welcome to the Advocates for Safety, the official blog of At Your Own Risk.

From taking one of our risk assessment quizzes to becoming a true advocate for safety by learning about and supporting safety legislation we care about, we hope to provide you with the information and tools you need to reduce your risk.

What can I find on this blog?
o Actionable steps towards reducing risk in your workplace, school and community
o A look into the resources featured on At Your Own Risk, such as the Sports Safety Map
o The latest findings in the world of sports medicine as it relates to reducing injury
o Regularly updated stats on:
    • Youth sports injuries
    • Worker injuries
    • Injury prevention

About at Your Own Risk
A subsidiary of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA), At Your Own Risk aims to educate, provide resources and equip the public to act and advocate for safety in work, life and sport. We believe that without proper safety measures and the appropriate medical personnel, you are left to face the inherent safety risks that could, when properly prepared for, could be reduced or avoided. By employing an athletic trainer you provide a safer approach to work, life, and sport.

Our Safety Goals:
• Appropriate medical coverage and care for student athletes
• Legislation that supports sports safety in high schools
• Education of risk that may exist in your community and ways you can advocate for a safer approach
• Safer work places for employees

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