Athletic Trainers in Professional Sports

Athletic trainers provide preventative, emergency, and rehabilitative health care services to professional sports teams all over the world.

Roles and Responsibilities

Approximately 3% of athletic trainers who are members of the National Athletic Trainers' Association work in the professional sports setting. ATs in pro sports prepare supplies and equipment, administer pre- and post-game/competition treatments, communicate with the visiting athletic training staff and coordinate with stadium or event EMT personnel.

Other responsibilities include assessing and caring for injuries during, and after practices as well as diagnostic testing, surgery, arthroscopy, and rehab programs during off season.

NATA has strong relationships with the professional societies that serve these athletic trainers and works collaboratively with these groups to advance the profession.

Throughout my career athletic trainers have had a big impact in preventing injury which is hard for athletic trainers because on one end you’re trying to get athletes used to understanding how to take care of the body to prevent injury and if they do a great job of that and injuries never come then athletes will say okay well maybe I can cut corners here, cut corners there and all of the sudden an injury pops up and then you have to back track quite a bit so it’s hard for athletic trainers to really get across the importance of doing the preventative things: the   exercises, the rest, the ice, the stretching. But also from a standpoint of once the injury takes place making sure you’re doing the necessary steps to get back in peak condition which is very hard because most athletes want to jump from a to z and you have to do all the little necessary things first.

Kobe Bryant
Former Professional Basketball Player

Connect With ATs in Professional Sports

Professional Baseball

The mission of the Professional Baseball Athletic Trainers Society (PBATS) is to serve as an educational resource for the Major League and Minor League Baseball athletic trainers. PBATS also serves as a resource to educate those outside the professional baseball athletic trainer community about the profession and about the athletic trainer’s integral position within the sports medicine team.

Professional Basketball

The National Basketball Athletic Trainers Association (NBATA) is a professional organization of highly skilled certified athletic trainers who provide specialized health care and critical support services to the athletes and organizations of the National Basketball Association (NBA) and NBA G League.

Professional Football

The Professional Football Athletic Trainers Society (PFATS) is a Professional Association representing the athletic trainers of the National Football League. We serve the players of the NFL, the member Clubs, and other members of the community.

Professional Hockey

The Mission of the Professional Hockey Athletic Trainers' Association (PHATS) is to encourage and promote the consistent application of the most advanced knowledge and techniques of the science of athletic training in the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of sports injuries to professional hockey players.

Professional Soccer

The Professional Soccer Athletic Trainers' Society (PSATS) is a proactive membership of involved and caring athletic trainers in Major League Soccer (MLS) with a purpose to unite our group, to develop standards of practice, and to have a unified voice to our professional teams and MLS.

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