The Shock of Her Life - Athletic Trainer Saves Softball Player

“I could tell something was wrong with her face,” said Ward, MPS, ATC who is in her fourth year with the team. “The way she stood up and stared blankly, like the lights were on but no one was home. I could see her skin turning gray.”  

Gina Hethcock

Keeping Your Athlete Safe in the Cold

Parents may try to bundle up their student athlete like the kid from “A Christmas Story” but be warned - it’s one of the many myths of practicing or playing in the cold that could lead to injury.

Gina Hethcock

Is It Wise to Specialize

The National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) and At Your Own Risk hosted a webinar, “Is It Wise to Specialize? What the Pros Have to Say about Overuse Injuries and Burnout,” on Friday, October 21.

Robin Waxenberg

Youth Sport Specialization

Oct. 17-21 is Youth Sport Specialization Week. Learn how to keep your child safe from overuse injuries related to sport specialization.

Gina Hethcock

Clocking Nutrition

Is your child athlete eating the right foods at the right time to get the most out of games and practices? Learn more about nutrition and timing with guest blogger Dana Angelo White, a registered dietician and athletic trainer.

Dana White, MS, RD, ATC

Energy Drinks: What You Need to Know as a Parent

We’ve all seen them at the store – energy drinks that claim to give you a much needed boost to your day. But recent studies have shown that these same energy drinks are on the rise among adolescents. Learn what you can do as a parent.

The Taylor Hooton Foundation

Sun Safety Tips

Learn how to keep your family safe under the sun this summer.

Gina Hethcock